Monday, November 26, 2012

Class Gifts {A christmas Tip}

I really love the idea of gifts for everyone in the class.

But it can be hard to find that many gifts {at affordable price}

This year I now have 3 kids in school so around 75 gifts are needed! yikes!

I know I swore never to give out a candy cane {here and  here}

Well this year I'm reneging. Sorry! I broke my 4 year ban!! Tsk Tsk!

I love this idea all over pintrest. I filed it away all year. I did want to do it for Valentines but it isn't really celebrated here amongst little kids.

 However...I did think it was a perfect idea for end of year class gifts though

Merry Christmas Photo Candy Cane

Have your child pose for a photo holding their arm out. Try to focus on the hand.

In photoshop or similar Add any font/colour you like saying Merry Christmas
{do not put it near the edge of the photo. It will be cut off like some of mine were}

Print lots !!

Cut a slit above and below the hand

Slip in a candy cane or lollipop
{candy cane must be of the shrink wrapped variety. These are the coles 50 mini candy canes for $4}

Enjoy handing out to your friends!

All the neighbour kids have thought this was such a neat optical illusion so hopefully kids will think they are fun. A gift and card in one.

Previous Class Gift Ideas Here:

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Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous idea.

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