Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lolly String Advent

I've had lots of polynesian friends graduating school and seminary.

My facebook is full of people with hoards of  Candy Leis around their necks.

Yum! Jealous!

They reminded me of this idea I saw over at pintrest and I just knew this would be our easy , enough for four kids, lolly advent.

Items needed:
1 sheet of Cellophane per Advent (so I used 4 sheets)
Curling Ribbon
Lollies/Candy/Chocolate/Small gifts
Number Stickers (optional)

Firstly buy hoards of disgusting cheap lollies to ensure crazy kids all holidays
If I was amercian this would be a great use for leftover halloween candy.
If I was rich, or lived in a cooler house I would use fancy chocolate {no go here - Melty mess}

Open a sheet of cellophane and cut in two.

Place a lolly in the middle and wrap it around and secure with some curling ribbon.

Continue on placing a lolly and tieing it off.

When you get towards the end of the first cellophane piece double over both sheets and secure the new sheet of cellophane to the last lolly on the first sheet and they will join together.


And they will look like this! Enjoy!

Hang them on the wall, Lay them across the mantle/bookshelf, Wear as a necklace


Now mine only contain 12 Lollies. 
BUT you certainly can keep going to 24 {your advent will be very long - around 2 metres or so!}

Last year I switched over to a 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar and it worked real well.

That way their interest didn't peak, the countdown started around the same time school holidays started, less lollies to consume, and gave me more time to make the advent calendar. After an initial why don't we have an advent calendar yet whinge the kids were totally fine with it when I said it was the 12 days of Christmas and started on December 14.

This year December 14 is a Friday and the last day of school. Perfect time to start I say.

But there is still time for them to convince me to add more to their lolly String Calendar :)

Our house is a magnet for the local children and I had a few wide eyed ones here yesterday eyeing off our calendars. They all thought they were amazing! And were jealous! So hopefully that means they have kid approval and if you make one everyone will love it! I've got leftover lollies and will use it to make a calendar to give to one of the neighbour kids. Because I'm kind like that.

Crazy Candy Calendar for your Crazy Kids!

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