Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spiritual Advent {A Christmas Tip}

Last Sunday I was gathering our items to celebrate Advent

Advent usually starts the last Sunday in November.{4 Sundays out from Christmas}

Then I realised there are four Sundays before Christmas in December this year!

This year Advent starts December 2

So it gave me extra time to prepare and I'm glad because this week I came across this really easy Advent Devotional.

My kids love the weekly burning of the candles... but I think they humour me on the devotional and singing hymns part. I used this book (I bought it but I see its free online!) last year for daily advents but think I might opt for this easier to remember one.

So if you would like to celebrate a more spiritual Christmas I find Advent helps me out.

You need:
4 Candles (Red but any colour would do)
A ring/wreath (optional or make it out of a paper plate)
Chosen carols

Each Sunday we light one of the candles {progressing to 2 the next week then 3 and lastly 4}.
Advent means 'coming or arrival' so we light the candles in anticipation of celebrating the coming birth of Christ.

Week ONE is the Good NEWS candle
Explain the prophets of old told of the coming of christ.
(choose any scripture/s you like eg Isaiah 9:6)

Week TWO is the HOPE candle
Jesus gave hope to people that God still loved and cared for them.
The angles told the good news that Jesus had come (Luke 2:8-11)

Week THREE is the JOY candle
When the shepherds heard the good news they rejoiced and went to tell others (Luke 2:15-20)

Week FOUR is the LOVE candle
God shows his love through Jesus Christ. His Son and helps us to show love to others
(John 3:16)

You can add as little or as much information, scriptures, hymns to these four topics.
Search your own scriptures to match. I'd also love to do a more involved one for myself and The Mr.

See here for Previous Advent Ideas I've tried
Advent how to 2008  and 2010

You'd think with all the Christmas stuff I do that I'm like a crazy christmas lady doing too much. There's a reason I like to have my craft done, presents bought, traditions lined out in November...

Each year I think we are too busy and we need to slow down and remember the real meaning of Christmas and spend time as a family focusing inwards. I try hard but we fail each year (so many parties! we even have several birthday party invites and engagements amongst christmas ones, so much on the to do list in December!)

This year I've declared December will be TV and computer free in the evenings. We have candles to burn, christmas books to read, treats to eat sitting around together and fairy lights to admire.

I hope I'm successful.

And Advent will be a nice addition to Sunday Evenings.

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