Monday, December 3, 2012

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

Had a most wonderful afternoon and evening putting up the tree with the girls and The Mr.

Every year gets easier.

They are more willing to help and excited and don't tire as easy.

I just love it. It was pretty magical this year.

We put up our tree, had sparkling apple and lindt chocolate and then sat around our candle ring and held our first week spiritual advent. Finished the night off reading Christmas books under the twinkling lights and one child insisted on falling asleep under it.

Be still my heart. Best afternoon I've had in a while.

I loved our Christmas Movie last year which was a stop animation of us putting up the tree.

I have another Movie in mind this year but just couldn't resist doing it again.

{The absolute easiest way to make a little video! Take LOTS of photos of you doing something and upload them in movie maker - change the timing setting to 20 seconds and you have a little movie! Add some music and title and voila you're good to go. I made this one pretty fast!}

The tree up...  IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!

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