Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grandparents Christmas Dinner

Our favourite tradition

Last night after it was done I was even thinking about next years menu.

Food was delish

company wonderful

Kids with Gifts

Watching slideshows of the years photos

And I got my first napkin rings!! {I've been on the lookout for a while!}

The Menu
Creamy Roasted Parsnip Soup
Chicken Kebabs with Mango Peanut Lime Sauce
Beef fillet on bed of creamy mash, asparagus and jus
Lemon Curd Tartlet, Gingerbeer Chocolate Cake, Meringue with Rasberries
One of my girls is learning how to send emails. During the busy preparation of the day I recieved this email which made my heart melt - The subject line said 'sup'
hi mum it's me!! I think you've put alot of effort into cleaning cooking and getting redy for grand perants dinner I bet tonight will be awesome it's gonna be so fun like it always is. lol oh and I'm happy it's holidays the holidays is fun. but when are we going to the movies with dad or you?
please send a email back to me
When the kids are little and they're tired and its hard to organize and cook a fancy dinner and keep the house clean and look after them it sometimes seems so hard to do these things. Then the kids grow and they know they've had 8 years of this tradition and they know it in their hearts, its part of them and they become helpful {sort of}and things seem easier {apart from the hot weather and sweating it out in the kitchen} then they want to be part of things and their idea of decorating is vastly different from yours and you have to step back from being OCD balanced decorating mum and let them make daisy chains and paper trees, while they forget about garish tinsel they had taken from school with grand plans for it. You let all children use crystal cups you got for a wedding present 14 years ago and they love it and the glasses live another year! And great grandma's send along really annoying presents which make you laugh cause only great grandma's have the authority to give annoying presents and we have to grin and bear it as thats what family is all about.
And we love it.

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