Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stocking Pinata {A Christmas Tip}

It's not a party without a


Last year the Candy Cane pinata was a hit!

I think Christmas pinatas are my favourite.

So many easy shapes to make

This year I'm doing a stocking shape

Large cardboard (a box works fine)
Masking Tape
PVA/White Glue
Crepe Paper

Trace 2 basic outlines of a stocking in cardboard and cut out. {Mine is about 50cm tall}

Cut a long rectangle to join around the edges (Or two long rectangles)

Bend the rectangle around the stocking shape taping as you go.

When attached, then place the other stocking shape on top and tape it down too.

Leave a small gap at the top to put the treats in

'Fringe' the crepe paper by cutting 3/4 way into the paper.

Cut several layers at once to save time!

Glue strips down in layers starting at the bottom. Each layer covers the one before.

Keep going till all sides are covered

Fill with lollies, glitter, cut paper, small toys

The hard bit is attaching a rope. Fasten a hook or loop onto the back to then attach a rope to.
Alternatively tie a rope all around it :)

Make sure it is well attached {Glued/ Taped down}
This is a weak spot and often where pinata's break.
It wrecks the fun to have a pinata fall down before the lollies come out.

Hang your pinata in a tree, in the garage, over some sort of post.

Then HIT your PINATA.

Hopefully we will be sharing ours with cousins on Christmas Day.

Ha. I just realised where I took this photo. Note: DO NOT hit pinata's in front of windows :)

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