Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I've probably had dates 2-6 by going away with the Mr for the weekend :) I might make 12!!

There has to be some perk of having your husband travel interstate weekly for work for 6 months.

Right?! Right?!

That would be a flight business class to Melbourne and back thanks to frequent flyer points

and hotel 'cause he was already there.

and major props to grandparents for babysitting {I'm forever indebted}

Most times we go out, The Mr and I are together {of course}

there have been very few times where I have travelled somewhere to meet him

{see another time here}

But I can't describe that feeling after being apart a week, then travelling hours flying then taking two buses then finding the hotel and walking into that lobby.....

and seeing him sitting there waiting for me...

I literally bounded over and threw myself in his arms

I think I may have done the chick-flick lift of the leg thing

...so if you havent done it before, I totally recommend travelling to {even if its just across town} and meeting up with your other half somewhere.


Now on to Melbourne. I've been to Victoria before and seen several places but never to Melbourne City so it was exciting for me. So many Trees! lovely old buildings! and churches! and christmas decorations! and tiny restaurants and cafes everywhere! Melbourne felt so safe and vibrant. I felt more unsafe in the evenings when I was in Newcastle and Sydney than I ever did in Melbourne. Positive vibes the whole time and not a single dodgy vibe even once... I was impressed.

We played it pretty easy. Lots of walking, looking at buildings and churches and shop browsing and my first ever ride on a tram.

Not much else.

so onto photo overload: Buildings and more buildings, churches, gardens, food, trams


I even took money to buy myself something but alas didn't really find a single thing!?!
{whats wrong with me?}
Things are either too expensive, too big to carry back, have similar shops in Brisbane, beautiful but where would I put it?, why? {I talk myself out of purchases all.the.time}
I know I know so silly and I regretted not getting myself something on my last holiday with The Mr but hey I suppose the memories are the most important thing.
I find shopping on holiday really difficult for some reason {and I'm sans kids! what the?}

Always lovely to take a few days time out with my darling Mr.

Where to next????

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along with you.

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