Tuesday, February 12, 2013

14 Years

Between our birthdays, school starting, childrens birthdays, valentines, is our wedding anniversary.

Choose your Wedding Date Wisely if you want to ever celebrate it again.

{I actually don't mind if its between these things because if something happens you just can put extra effort into one of the other celebrations to 'make up' for it.}

There was this time and it was our 14th wedding anniversary and the night before The Mr's employer calls to say he is wanted pronto 2000 km away the next day for work.

Sad Face

the day started off by hosting four missionaries for breakfast
then off to school and volunteering there
Then he off to buy a car, paper work transfer it all over to us
then me off to help with swimming at school

then he off on a plane.

Somehow previously I thought I was going to get a lunch date or a dinner date someplace nice as we don't typically exchange gifts. 
{GIFTS would totally work as a back up way to cover when life invariably gets in the way of spending ACTUAL time together. Note duly taken}

But it shall be hereby known that on his late night trip to the store to buy supplies for said missionary breakfast he did pick up a block of white chocolate  and it did say DREAM on the outside and he did all cute and sickly smoochy say to me the morning of our anniversary

You're my Dream girl


So while I was gettting all sad and only slightly huffy {I may have thought briefly... an anniversary alone isn't such a bad thing.. maybe I will get that babysitter afterall and take myself out....}

the Mr says well we invited the spirit into our home by hosting the missionaries so early in the morning and it made a great start to the day. You are getting a car for your anniversary and I'm off alone to big bad work earning the money to be able to do so and provide for this family.

You've always got to look on the happy side of things right?

and luckily like most holidays/celebrations theres always another one next year.

We can't get it right all the time on ONE day of the year.

But we can have good days for the REST of the year, and that's what keeps one happily married I spose.

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