Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Double Digits

Turning 10 always feels like a milestone no?

We have had a busy little time lately and I'm trying to keep things simple but I always feel 10 is a special number.

The night before her birthday I happened to be checking on everyone in bed. This girl loves to sleep with the blinds open {I would NEVER!} and there was a warm glow around her perfectly arranged body, with her little hands tucked neatly under her cheek.

Sometimes I feel its a long time between 'tender moments' when parenting.

But I had one of those tender moments.

I looked at her and kissed her cheek and said 'it's the last night of single digits sweetie'.

Oh and was she up early.

I love that my girls love our birthday traditions and are getting old enough to help set it all out.

10 candles just so
a birthday shirt
a birthday letter {which she actually read this year!}
presents {umbrella, walkie talkies, snorkle, kids electronic safe}
chocolate mousse and cream for breakfast

This girl
:: Loves her alarm clock and to get up early
:: Loves the outdoors
:: Loves being around people, rarely likes alone time
:: Independent, only one of my children who gets ready without help
:: Loves riding, skateboarding, iceskating, swimming
:: Adventurous and loves taking herself to school
:: Loves to keep her side of the room tidy and lined up

She loved her Pool Party last year and has opted to do the same again!

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Anonymous said...

happy tenth birthday....make a splash

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