Monday, March 18, 2013

FHE Lesson {Easter Countdown}

Opening Song: He Sent His Son #34
Opening Prayer:
Make an Easter Countdown Calendar. You can make it as short or as long as you wish.
7 days or 12 Days is perfect length.
Using Card cut in egg shape, paint, draw, decorate 7 eggs in any way you wish.

Either sew them together as shown here , or just stick to wall or tie with ribbons.

On the back of the eggs write down some activities to do as a family.

Here are 7 religious examples of things you can do leading up to the week of Easter.

If you want a longer countdown calendar add other activities such as:
Egg hunts
dyeing eggs
bunny and chick crafts
watch Easter Movies

Palm Sunday :
Make a Palm Cross , reenact Jesus on a donkey and people waving palm fronds.

Monday: (cleansing of the temple)
Talk about how church/temple should be a place of calm and worship and not a house of chaos.
Make Soft Pretzels (shaped like folded arms for prayer) remember to use ALOT less Bicarb!!

Tuesday: (teaching at the temple)
Jesus taught what is the greatest law. Love thy neighbour as they self.
Take a gift for your neighbours

Mary washed Jesus Feet and offered expensive oils/purfume.
Reenact with children and wash their feet (I find this very humbling and moving)

Thursday: ( Preparing for Passover)
Read the story of the passover John 13:1-11 and make a simple passover meal.
Unleavened bread, lamb, horseradish, Haroset, Parsley and salt water  details here

Friday: (The day Jesus Died)
Make Hot cross buns and discuss Cruxifiction

Saturday: Festival of Light
Make lanterns, candle holders to symbolise those that wait for Jesus resurrection

Sunday: He is Risen
Hold family testimony meeting, attend church.

These activities start on Sunday 24 March this year.
Explain that you will be doing some activities in the coming week starting on Sunday.
Share your testimony of Easter. What you love about it.
Ask children to share their testimony too.

Display your countdown calendar somewhere noticeable and get the kids excited to start next Sunday

Closing Song:  I feel my Savior's love #74

Closing Prayer: Dad

Decorate arrowroot (or oval shaped biscuits/cookies) with icing and m&m's and mini marshmallows.

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