Monday, March 18, 2013

FHE Lesson {Easter Tomb}

Each year we grow Easter Grass.

We use it as a time to show new life, Easter, Life Cycle, For Fun etc.

We've grown it in jars,  Cake Platters etc.

Last year I saw this idea and thought it great and set aside for this year.


To start buy some Wheat berries {wheat that will sprout} about $1worth will be plenty.

Dig some dirt from the Garden.

Place a plastic cup or similar shape in the middle of a glass pie dish.

Cover over the cup with dirt to create a 'hill'

Do not cover the open end of the cup {find a rock to place over the opening}

Liberally sprinkle the wheat all over the dirt.

Spray with a water bottle and wet all the wheat well.

Each day give your wheat a few sprays with water.

In 7 days you will have very long grass.

Make 3 stick crosses if you wish.

 Garden Tomb or Calvary's Hill Lesson

Opening Song: Did Jesus Really Live Again #64

Opening Prayer: Child


Make your hill/tomb as instructed.

Talk about how the grass will grow over one week.
This will bring us closer to the time of Easter.
This is an example of the tomb and Calvary's Hill.

Talk about these eg

Where did Jesus Die?
Where was Jesus Buried?
On the Third Day what was the miracle?

Because of Jesus we can live again. Does that make you happy?

Easter need not be a sad time, its a time of joy. Jesus was resurrected and so will we!

Easter Images at
Crucifixion - Gospel Art Picture Kit
Gethsemene - Gospel Art Picture Kit

Closing Song: Christ the Lord is Risen Today #200

Closing Prayer


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Thanks! We used this and it was awesome!

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