Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Other Life

One of my favourite blogs to read is Soulemama

I'm pretty sure she's living my other life {sans the animals though. I don't do animals}

It seems that family achieves more in a week or so than we would in two years!

{though perhaps if I knew I could make enough money and my husband could be at home I too would find weekly craft projects, build a farmhouse, can food from my garden, homeschool, make your own ice hockey rinks, spin wool, kids in the local theatre group, tap maple syrup, take weekly/daily hikes, make furniture, blog better etc to share with the world to keep them reading}

As City folks who spend way too much time indoors and on computers this past weekend we were able to attend an activity that included canoeing, making rafts and bonfire.

My girls were in heaven for hours.
Oh it makes my heart sing.
They literally did not stop from 2pm till 8pm.

Now that's the life I want for them

Perhaps because it is novel, and we don't get to do if often is what makes it attractive

Perhaps allowing children slight danger in their play makes a big difference

Perhaps it is nature and its lull

Perhaps it is having all members of the family actively engaged with one another

Perhaps it is having parents doing nothing  {remember? }

But whatever it is I want/need more of it my life.

I appreciate the people who put the activity together.
I appreciate that it was free as similar activities can be cost prohibitive for most large families.

Though I do recognize it was really nice to come home to hot showers and nice comfy beds :)

The weather has been horrible lately. Hor.rib.le! We debated even going.
But then I said to the Mr who was a Queen Scout.. Come on..
What's a little rain when canoeing?
What's a little mud {which I have just washed off our car!}
What's a little accelerant on a bonfire to get it going in the wet?
{note no accelerant needed, The Mr KNOWS how to build an awesome fire :)
I'm glad I forced us to get going. Why do the best things happen when it takes a tonne of effort to get anywhere? I'm always reminded of the mantra my mum gave us growing up
Complain AFTER the fact.. not BEFORE!


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