Saturday, April 20, 2013

Urban Climb

At young age my girls have all like climbing.

As they grew one became a little fearful

However the others are still in full swing of loving it up high.

My third daughter has always loved to climb.
She can shimmy to the top of lightpole at the park
Climb numerous trees
Sit on top of the fence
Today she was on top a roof of a playground fort

Second daughter still likes sitting on the garage roof occasionally.( remember?)

So of course they all love rock climbing.

They teach me how to let go of my fears

{I'm only slightly fearful of heights - usually when it involves them mucking around at heights}

I'm not fearful when they are alone up high - hence I let them climb poles and houses etc. Its usually when we are all at the top of a mountain, a lookout, a ladder etc that I worry about them jostling eachother, not being patient and basically falling to their death.

As a large family many activities we would love to do regularly are cost prohibitive to us.

As a special school holiday treat we went Rockclimbing at Urban Climb in West End.

We were lucky after filling in a survey to be given a pass for a weeks FREE climbing!

So we've taken advantage of that and returned several times and even once just me and The Mr for a date on Friday night. Lots of fun and team family building and conquering fears and realising ones strength and learning to TRUST the person holding you up.

I really loved that on our first climbs we were using any handholds and basically climbing the walls like a ladder. I was so impressed that over the time the older two girls really challenged themselves and attempted harder climbs and used more controlled body movements against the wall.

A hobby we would like to look into more and considering our proximity to Free REAL cliffs maybe we should.

So many lessons to be learnt from climbing.

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Anonymous said...

For me that was a horrifying sight. You are a very brave woman indeed.

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