Sunday, July 28, 2013

FHE Lesson {Stop It!}

Elder Uchtdorf's talk The merciful obtain mercy in the April 2012 conference is well known.
In the June 2013 Friend Magazine  there is a two page article based on his talk which you can share and which this lesson is taken from.

stop sign

Opening Song: Kindness begins with me #145

Opening Prayer:


When we are angry, or jealous, or scared/shy or want something someone else has it can be very easy to be mean. Sometimes we say mean things about people who we actually love, or sometimes we say mean things about people we don't even know that well!

When it comes to hating, gossiping, ignoring, ridiculing, holding grudges, or wanting to cause harm, please apply the following:
Stop it! {you could have a premade Stop Sign to hold up}
God loves everyone and he wants us to love everyone too. He wants us to take away our mean thoughts and replace them with love and kindness for all people. We are all his children.
Is this difficult? Yes it can be!
Let us be kind.
Let us forgive.
Let us talk peacefully with each other.
Let the love of God fill our hearts.
“Let us do good unto all men” (Galatians 6:10).


::Make a big Stop Sign together. You could print one out, cut one from cardboard, drawn/paint one. However you like. Put it somewhere where it can be seen easily and will help be a reminder for small children to be nicer, play nicer, less talking back, less dobbing or saying unkind things about others.

Alternatively make little individual Stop Signs for each person to place in their room, or somewhere special to them.

Stop Sign Clip Art Here

::Do the Quiz at the bottom of the page to see how you could become more loving to others.
If those questions are too hard for younger children make up some easier questions eg

Your little sister ruined your toy - do you - accept her apology and ask her to get you next time she gets your stuff down, get mad and never play with her again, break something of hers to get even

There is a new kid at school - do you - Offer to be friends, just stare at them, whisper rudely about how they look weird.

You see someone who looks different to you - do you - smile and say hello, talk loudly about how they look

:: Watch this short youth Video of Elder Uchtdorfs remarks on this topic

:: Play a game where family members hold up their Stop Signs (or stop signs you prepared earlier) when you say something that is considered mean, gossip, unkind.

Closing Song: I'm trying to be like Jesus #78

Closing Prayer



Anonymous said...

Just the thing I was looking for. I'm new to the church and am a mother of a 3 year old boy.

Anonymous said...

We are a family with 5 girls so needless to say this FHE lesson is much needed. Thanks!

Kathy Wheeler said...

Whoever you are THANK YOU! I am a senior missionary serving in Africa in a branch that has 78 members. Our Primary president is leaving for five weeks and I will do opening exercises, singing time, sharing time and the lesson. You have saved my life!

Thank you dear sister in the gospel.

Onward, ever onward…Sister Wheeler

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