Monday, July 29, 2013

Sports Day {and a Photobooth}

We aren't the most sporty family.

But we are all about participation.

Also this year my eldest daughter was the sports captain of her team
{unusual as she doesn't care for sports at all. But apparently for sports captains it isn't a requirement. Being good at organising others and cheering loudly is - things we CAN do!}

The yearly sports carnival was here again. Since our school sports day is held at THE GABBA!
they are often low key regarding cheering paraphernalia because apparently we must protect the hallowed ground and not make a spec of mess!

I remembered growing up we had so many shakers, mascots, toys etc at our sports days.

We decided to dress up our very own Bear Grylls to be our team mascot
{he was a hit! and dragged around the school - no one has bought a mascot along before}

Just before we left home I thought a photobooth with Bear Grylls would be fun.
So I quickly rigged up a blue blanket between some chairs and voila! Photobooth!
{I wish I had thought of it earlier - I would have made it much nicer, but hey what can ya do?}


and then be a good mum sports photographer and try and get some action shots that make you look better at sports than you are


and then there is that winning feeling!!

Someone from the family gotta REPRESENT!!

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