Thursday, July 4, 2013

Screen Time Issues

Screen Time

Arrgggg its driving me crazy lately.

I vacillate between wanting to throw them all out the window and unplugging 100%

to seriously contemplating getting everyone their very own individual everything.

Since our youngest has become computer savvy there is never ending demand over the computer.

Since the older ones have started homework on computers
{previously was always just worksheets to write in}

Since it has become evident that my oldest daughters greatest talent lies in computer based artwork

Since they all take 1/2 hour - 1 hour turns on the computer the thing is on ALL DAY LONG

Since I'm easily distracted cooking, cleaning, iphoneing, they sneak back on.

Since we basically have no yard there is nothing to do back there that when I don't take them out its all too easy to use tv and computer and ipads as the back up of boredom.

Before I really only had to divide computer time with two kids while the youngest played with toys. Now its four. Not only my time on here, but their homework, gaming, and talent growing.

I NEVER thought I would have this problem. Always thought - its easy.
A daily allotment for each kid, the less the better right?

They've never had Gameboys or handheld games or their own phones or ipads.
We don't even own a Wii or similar.

Computers are a black hole sucker of time, but what if your child's greatest ability is in using them? We aren't a sporty family, no gymnastics or soccer.
We don't have a yard or animals to play with.
Yes she spends plenty of time with paper and pen,
but she also uses a computer drawing tablet and is really good.


Except that to do a good picture it can take a while messing around with layers and blending and shading and deleting and all other computer arty stuff I know nothing about. It feels mean to tell someone to get off when they've only just begun.

There's nothing like playing a bit minecraft. And I have three that play. It's a shame to kick them off so someone else can have a go. Mid- build? Too bad.

There's nothing like a almost four year old whose discovered her amazing ability at online haircutting and princess making and could do it over and over again.

There's nothing like kicking them all off my computer so I can use it :)


I think taking turns is a good thing.
I think learning to share is good.
I think paying for one/two computers/laptop is plenty enough.
I think computers need to be out in the open
- do I have room in my tiny loungeroom for a daily LAN party?
I'm know that everyone having individual devices would increase use


I want the desperate longing/waiting to stop.
The begging of little ones to their older sisters to give up their computer monopoly.
I want them to do their computer things AT.THE.SAME.TIME! and not have it go all the day long.
I want them to have the flexibility to work on a project for a few hours if need.
I want to be relieved of being a human timer.

I'm dreaming of finding space {where!?!} and making a long skinny table running the length of the wall with spots for everyones personal computer/devices. Chic and Cute looking to boot.

Perhaps I just need to turn the house into cubicles.

Prepare them for the world out there. ~ Yikes.

Now I've come full circle back to throwing all the screens out.

Understand my pain?


Fiona said...

Our house is way too plugged in computer wise! The kids are still pretty much too young- but as we don't have the TV hooked up, master 4 will often beg to watch cat videos on youtube haha.

BindiM said...

Same issues here. I don't want them on the computer all day and they easily could be. We have a narrow desk with two Macs (secondhand bargains!) on it in the living room for the kids to use. These are restricted to 2 hours max. each and only between certain hours. We will sometimes give them extra time on the weekends but only if they have done at least half of their time doing Mathletics!

And ours love, love, love Minecraft too. The excitement over horses this week was hilarious to see.

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