Monday, August 5, 2013

FHE Lesson {Baptismal Gifts}

This is part of the Preparing for Baptism group of lessons

Opening Song: When I am Baptised #103

Opening Prayer: Child

Article of Faith: #4

Have prepared 5 little boxes or gift bags to look like presents
{or wrap up a box of food/brick - whatever you got}
You can attach a sign with the name of the gift to it, or you could print the name of the gift out and insert inside the present to find the answer when the children unwrap the 'gift'

On the day you are baptised you receive these special gifts of love from Heavenly Father

:: You become an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

:: Jesus Christ makes you completely clean

:: Later when you do something wrong you can repent and be completely clean again

:: You promise to keep the commandments and that will keep you safe and happy

:: You receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide and comfort you.

Talk about each 'present' individually, ask any questions children have.

If time permits go into more details about how you become clean, how taking the sacrament each week is part of it, go over the commandments, how we can invite the Holy Ghost to be our constant companion etc.

Comment how lucky we are to have these gifts JUST for us. God cares about us so much he sent us the Gift of Baptism and The Holy Ghost. We are blessed to have these gifts in our life so we can return to him in the next life. Our gift to God is to try and be the best person we can be.


Get children to think about what could be their 'gift' back to God.
Perhaps you can write them down or draw them and put them into a gift box
{ie be nicer to siblings, behave better, pray daily, help mum around the house etc}

Closing Song: The Holy Ghost #105

Closing Prayer: Child

Pre- Wrap up a treat and say I have a gift for you for listening so well in FHE
{perhaps if you need a little bribery for attention, announce this part at the beginning :}

Inspiration for this lesson came from The Friend Magazine June 2013 page 22

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