Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I always feel that there are so many party ideas out there and so few birthdays to do all those ideas!
I really really wanted to do this Kite Birthday Party {easy, sweet, beautiful no?}
But she really wanted Peppa Pig or Octonauts for a party theme. I had lots of ideas for both!
There are so many good ideas out there! Since I am trying really hard not to do too much this year I reluctantly had to let most go! {Carboard Box Gups, Amazing Cakes, jelly fish decorations etc}
Here are some of the things we did do:
And lest anyone thinks that my birthday parties are quiet and relaxed my tip is to take a lot of photos BEFORE the party. I knew this party would be filled with babies and toddlers and a couple of four years old in our tiny house. Chaotic describes it pretty closely!
Party food was:
 Blue jelly cups with sea creature lollies on top, clam biscuits, Octopus Dip {made from Red Capsicum and Hommus and Olives}, Cake and Cheezels {because they're orange and kids love them}
Paper Plate Masks. Idea found here .  Paint plates in colour of each octonaut. Draw eyes on with Black Marker {google each character to see their eye shape}To make their noses I found a octonauts colouring in page and just cropped the nose and printed four out. Print out the Octonaut hat on copy paper and stick on top each character. Attach a paddle pop stick to hold them.
Since most the kids were not really interested in games I'm glad I didn't organise too many. We had pass the parcel with sea stickers in each layer and an octonaut toy for the prize, Pin the Patch on Kwazii {I just printed a A3 picture of Kwazzi and cut out black card patches} and some Octonauts colouring in.
 And any old person could purchase the $70 Octopod house {I was considering it!} but not everyone can have an awesome homemade one!! We had grandad whip us up one out of recycled things and it was just as good and has had lots of playtime! Thanks Grandad!

I buy up Tshirts at Target on sale for $3-4. I happened to have an orange one in the stash so we knew that had to be the birthday shirt. To match in with Octonauts colours I chose some blue fabric from my stash. To make our number birthday shirts - print out a number on paper, use it to cut out fabric and felt. Sew onto Tshirt. Easy!

There are so many awesome Octonauts cakes out there. Gup Cakes, cakes shaped like barnacles or Kwazii, The Octopod {how?!} etc. I knew these were ALL above my Cake -Making abilities and I had limited time to prep for this party. So I opted for a very easy sponge cake with cream in the middle covered in blue icing. I crushed some plain biscuits {cookies}to look like sand and stuck on some gummi lolly turtles and star fish. A set of all the Octonauts characters was a birthday present, but I said no playing with them till after they come off the cake lol. With a few strategic placed characters I think we pulled off a pretty good octonauts cake for a person with not much cake making ability!

Even though it was pretty simple and pretty crazy party she loved all the elements and was one happy girl and that is all that matters I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fabulous party! I love your food ideas and you made my kind of cake! I love that things look great yet achievable for working mums who can't spend 30 hours battling fondant.

Anonymous said...

Great party. Are you in Australia? Where did you buy the sea creature lollies!? I would love to know so that I can get some for my son's Octonauts party at the end of this month :-)


This Girl loves to Talk said...

Hopefully you see this amber. I got them from the confectionary warehouse nudgee rd near the airport.

Kristin said...

Love your octonaut party ideas. Planning one for my soon to be 3 year old. Great ideas!

Kristin said...

Love your party ideas! Planning an octonauts party for my soon to be 3 year old.

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