Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Camping Neurum Creek

We heart Camping!!
found hearts at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

We like camping but sometimes forget to take the time to pencil in the time off work, to organise a camp site before they book out, arrange time when it's not too hot or too cold or raining
{hey I'm a princess and don't camp in searing heat or freezing cold}

So all the planets aligned and we arranged this campout with a week or two's notice.


I think we got one of the best spots at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat.
Flat. Plenty of space. Against the fenceline so no sharing with lots of camping neighbours
{we are noisy and annoying  we need space and prefer pick a spot bush camping to the 'here is your 4x4 metres assigned spot' type camping.}

It was the perfect start to School Holidays.

Our camp from two directions

Our requirements for camping are usually
- a place that allows fires, has a creek or something similar for kids to explore and some toilets.

Check to all the above!


This was our first time to Neurum creek bush retreat (the first three places we called were booked} and it didn't disappoint. I think its touted as one of the closest camping spots to Brisbane so it wasn't too far away either. It was a little more expensive than we usually do {other places we've camped were $25 a night for a family - this place was $11 per adult and $6 per kid per night... so the money can rack up quick!} However the amenities we very clean and had lovely hot water and the place very neat and well kept - you get what you pay for I suppose!

We arrived  before school holidays and it was nice and quiet. I will say I was kinda happy to be leaving just as hoards of kids were arriving. Camping without the crowds is usually my style.

Ease of Camping was also thanks to my parents who bought their mobile home along - a kitchen! no setting up! solar panels! And a big thanks to the awesome Mr whom without I would never go camping. He's a hard worker, tough, cuts wood, tends fire, wields an ax and hammer like a boss.

Animal Sightings: A wallaby, a bush turkey and lots of cows in the neighbouring field
and one tick found on Grandad a day after camping.

We played in the creek {water was very cold!}, made fairy homes, lit fires, did a hike {in which Grandad and Miss A continued on for hours and hiked a mountain and came down the otherside and did some free climbing and got a little worried}, read books, listened to cows moo very loudly, took numerous trips to toilets {why are they such a novelty to kids!?} and learnt how to start fires with a magnifying plastic sheet {very fun! to burn holes in chip bags and a yellow pages}, us girls put up the tent and helped a little to put up the big tarp.

I've succeeded in my camping parenting duty for this year. Check!

I love a good camp sunrise.

Till Next time camping!

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