Sunday, September 29, 2013

FHE Lesson {General Conference Preparation}

Opening Song: Follow the Prophet #110

Opening Prayer: Child

A prepared child is usually a better behaved child so I thought I would use the next few FHE to prepare for General Conference

First up set out your expectations for conference weekend. Where and when you will watch.
Ask for suggestions on what family traditions can be made around conference weekend
ie I make cinnamon rolls, we watch 2 sessions at home and 2 at church, we pile blankets and pillows and mattresses in the loungeroom, we've had bowls of lollies with topics attached so they can only get a lolly when the topic is mentioned. Make a makeshift tent to listen as the nephites did to King Benjamin. Draw pictures about what the speakers are talking about.

Get the family involved in ideas that will help them.


I thought I would spend some time with the kids getting to know those who might speak.

Print (and laminate if you want to keep) pictures of First Presidency and The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. These are ours that we've have had for a few years that my husband made ( I just realised we didn't have Elder Anderson!! so quickly printed him for this photo! )

Activities to do with your posters:
See if your children know any of their names.

Stick them on the wall in order.

Play memory or type of game with the pictures.

If you print two copies you can play match.

Read out some interesting information about them.
Leave the pictures up all week.
During conference everyone can make notes {or draw pictures} on post its and stick it next to the apostle. Then you have an overview on what each on spoke about.

Talk about the importance of leaders. Why these men mean so much to us.
We love them for their words, work, example, love  and dedication.

I need this lesson too, as I couldn't name them all off the top of my head :)

We keep our laminated pictures in with our Gospel Art Picture Kit. As new apostles are called we (usually!)  print and laminate a new one.
Print, colour, laminate these Conference Bingo card in preparation for conference.
Closing Prayer:

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