Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Kiddy Craft Sucks....

I help with art at school - a lovely portrait of my daughter by her friend

As if we all didn't know already how up and down and all over the place I am.



Sometimes I have people ask me things about the blog or think I'm all crafty like.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


Just lately I'm all like 'we never do craft', I hate to get the paint out for the kids, can't really afford items for said crafts anyway {lately I have a kid asking for real clay}, the time, the space, the mess.

the time, the space, the mess......

Side Note - I just found out at library reading craft that my four year old has never used scissors
{yes I was SHOCKED. She was all mongy fingers and had no idea how to use them. This is in a house with scissors down low readily available, in a house where they use sharp knives and power tools but apparently I'm such a bad mum my kid doesn't even know how to use scissors which is probably very bad and some sign for school readiness..}

I gave up on kid crafting what seems years ago. I often feel bad about this.

Some favourite blogs of mine Artful Parent  The crafty Crow  Chasing Cheerios

 and a billion kid craft ideas on pintrest some time give me the guilts so I don't check them anymore.

I vacillate between wishing we did more stuff :

for family bonding
talent developing,
important skills for school readiness
for fun
for learning,
just for creative sake!

To thinking....



Really do you need to even bother? It's all just rubbish. Why sit here and produce piles of rubbish. These ideas are pointless, wasteful things to make. Things I have no room to even produce nor display. Why run myself ragged thinking of crap for the kids to make or feeling sad that I don't do these things.  Do kids really need to make daily/weekly suncatchers, dot paintings, recycle the cardboard boxes?

And do they even want to? {I'm down to two kids willing, two kids not so}

{Of course there is wonderful point to all craft/ art... but surely my negative side has a point to?}

All this to say perhaps I need to jump back on the kid craft wagon?

especially for my four years old sake {and for those who think they are outgrowing kiddy craft?}

Why... oh why does it always come down to me?

My organization skills, my having to put together ideas and see them through. My wanting to be willing to actually do these things with the kids. My setting aside time to actually do art/craft. My finding a spot to actually store some craft/art supplies.

Seriously I just need a bigger house and to employ someone to do these things.

Hmmm and why can all my questions to life be answered in this way :)

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Tanya said...

I agree completely that kid crafts are a waste of time. However, I think doing creative things with your kids is important. So I try to find crafts that have a point, or have a larger goal. Over the summer I worked with my daughter to create a beautiful fairy garden in a flower bed. We had a great time creating all the small pieces that go in it. We used found objects to create most of it. And people always comment on it when they come to visit.

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