Monday, October 28, 2013

FHE Lesson {Choosing the Lords Side}

(Adapted from  DVD supplied with Elder David A. Bednars’ book, “Act in Doctrine”)
This lesson put together by my wonderful husband :)


A line on the floor symbolically dividing the Lords Side from Satans Side.
{Make a large space for this activity}

                Paper Strips with various covenants written on them.

Questions to ask are in bold. These are open questions and rely on a good level of understanding of the gospel principles, smaller children may have to be lead in their answers.

Possible answers are shown in Italics and represent a primary level answer to the questions given.


Explain the line on the floor represents the separation between God and Satan.

Place a child at the line and ask, What can separate us from God and Satan? – Sin

Which side of the line do you feel safer? – The Lords side

Turn them around at the line but facing away from it. Instruct them to take a step away from the line {further into God's side of the line} Do you feel safer now?

Explain as we grow closer to the Lord we are moving away from Satans territory.

What can lead us toward God and the safety he offers? Take a step as each answer is said – Obedience, Church, Scriptures, Kindness, selfless acts of service, tithing, word of wisdom, ordinances etc.

What happens when we stop being obedient to God? – We turn away from God. Wait and then turn the child around {back to facing the line}

What happens when we stop reading our scriptures for a day? - Begin to walk back to the line one step at a time.

What happens if we don’t do it for a week or are unkind? We move closer to Satan’s Territory. Move the child to stand at the Line.

Explain:  Point across the line and explain how sin can cause us to cross the line. Do this and then hold them tight.

Now you are in Satans grasp, can you get free? – No, Not without help.

Do you want to be safely on the Lords side of the line? – Yes.

Release them and lead them back to the Lords side of the line.

What does God promise us if we are obedient?Blessings, freedom, safety, happiness

What is that promise called?A Covenant.

Explain: We make covenants with God. We exercise our agency and accept these covenants.

Place a folded A4 paper with the word baptismal covenant on the Lords side of the line.

What other covenants do we make with God?

Place a few of these word strips on Lord side in a row, forming a barrier between the line and the child on the Lords side.

Explain: Covenants remind us to stay on the Lord side of the line.

What else do we have to help us stay on the Lords side?The Holy Ghost

Explain: The Holy Ghost is given to all that they may know Good from Evil. At Baptism we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

What is one way that God through the Holy Ghost reminds us of the covenants we make? – A still small voice reminds us of the covenants and can direct us to steer away from dangers.

Name a covenant that we renew often, that promises the spirit to be with us always? – Sacrament.

Explain:  Jesus Christ teaches us that we are loved by our Heavenly Father.  He teaches that through obedience to God commandments we can return and live with Him. He commands that we make covenants of obedience to Him and that because of these promises we make, he will help us find happiness in this life, and in the life to come.

If we break our promise and turn back towards the line what happens? – The Holy Ghost will tell us when we do wrong and help turn us around if we listen.

What happens if we cross the line? – We must repent and then renew our covenants with God in order to be forgiven and to receive the promised blessings.

What is this called? – Repentance

Why will God trust us again if we have broken the promise? – Jesus Christ will speak for us

Explain: Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can be forgiven of our sins. Through the atonement we can turn around and start our journey again clean as of just baptised. We can renew our covenants and move back to safety and away from Satan’s grasp.

Does anyone have any questions. Does anyone want to give this a go?
Place a new child and repeat some of the questions so they feel they are learning too.
Closing Prayer: Child

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