Friday, November 1, 2013

November is... {Advent Calendars}

November is all about the Advent Calendar.

Why? Because December 1st will come around all too soon. And will you be ready?

Wasn't it September just the other day!?!? This year is sailing by!

I've said Advent Calendar Making is like a sport around here.

We try to make a new one each year.

I'm terrible at keeping count on who's turn it is to open the calendar so it must have room for atleast four treats daily, or be something that doesn't involve sharing watching someone else eat a treat.
I've filled advents with jokes, scriptures, activities to do.

There are just so many types out there, I want to sample all of them!

I've just done the finishing touches on my new advent calendar for this year and can't wait to share.

Till then here is a round up of previous years Advent Calendars.

Click on the links for instructions on how to make your own if you wish.
Pocket Bunting Advent Calendar

Lolly String Advent Calendar

Christ Centred Advent Calendar

Sewn Brown Paper Advent Calendar

Envelope- Activity a Day Advent Calendar


Add a decoration Quilted Advent Calendar

Ours are pretty simple {I'm all about simple and achievable!} and smallish {oh I love those 24 individual box ones with miniature trees on top, but alas, no space} and usually hang on the wall.

The best thing about these is that you can throw it away at the end of the season and make a new one next year {though I'm torn in whether I should sew a family heirloom 'use it forever' type one}

My other favourite love is paper advent calendars. I fondly remember a lovely one from my childhood that had {what I thought} was the most beautiful little pictures behind each window. They were so sweet and Christmas dream like, I just loved it. I don't collect anything and am starting to think if I should collect paper advent calendars. Anyway I've bought a new one for this  year and will hang a few of my {tiny} collection together. Now we will also have a few paper windows to open each day. Look at these dreamy ones from a  German Shop that's been making them for 60 years!!

This year will also be our first year with a Lego friends Advent Calendar too!

Think we have enough!?

Check back for this years Advent Calendar in the coming week.

Happy Advent Making!!

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