Sunday, November 24, 2013

FHE Lesson {Christ Centred Christmas Countdown}

Opening Song: He Sent His Son #34

Opening Prayer:

The 1st of December is next Sunday. This week we are going to prepare this Christ Centred Advent Calendar. This is to help us remember the true meaning of the season and what we really celebrate. We celebrate the birth Christ that the prophets of old foretold. The hope and love he bought into the world gives joy to many in the world. We know that through him we are forgiven and will obtain eternal life.

Play 'what do you know about Jesus' game {idea from 12 Gifts for Christ by Merrilee Boyack }

When did you first know Jesus? {premortal life}
Who was Jesus Father? {Heavenly Father}
Who was Jesus Mother? {Mary}
Who was Mary's Husband? {Joseph}
Where was Jesus Born? {Bethlemhem}
Where did he live as a little child {Egypt}
Did he have brothers and sisters {yes, how many unknown}
What trade did Joseph teach him? {carpenter}
Where was Jesus Baptised? {River Jordan}
Who Baptised him? {Cousin, John the Baptist}
Where did he live growing up? {Nazareth}
How many apostles did he choose? {12}
Who were his friends? { Mary, Martha, Lazarus and others}
Jesus healed lots of people, what did he heal them from?
How did he die?
What happened three days after he died? {Resurrected}

Add any other questions you would like :)

Listen to The Living Christ or look at a copy or

Watch The Living Christ a slideshow with pictures


 To make a Jesus Tag:

Cut pictures from the Ensign Magazine {we borrowed from Grandma's stash} or print some

I just used a glue stick to stick the picture onto regular white copy paper

Cut around leaving a small border of white

Glue onto cardstock. I used what I had on hand - Dark Blue and Gold

Cut again leaving another small border.

Laminate!!! {optional}

Cut around lamination, add a bow {12 for $2} by piercing a hole at the top.

Add a string.

And you have a Jesus Ornament, Gift Tag etc

Display on a Christmas Tree, or bunch of sticks in jar.

Extra ways to use:

Attach matching scriptures for each day
Discuss what is happening in each picture
Reuse as an Easter Countdown too!

Closing Song: Little Jesus #39

Closing Prayer:


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