Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Christmas Essay {2013}

I love to wax lyrical at Christmas time. This week I'm posting essays of Ghosts of Christmas past.
Each day I'll repost some of my Christmas thoughts over the years. Enjoy!

I've been reading books mentioning simple Christmases.

A Catholic town since the 1700's in a communist country in a poor area where Christmas is indeed just singing carols Christmas Eve and a simple meal shared. Nothing else. {no holiday}

I read a chapter book to my children about a village children in Sweden.
The children make snow lanterns, ginger cookies and a meal with neighbours homemade gifts. Nothing else.

Two Christ Centred ideas books for how to teach simple and slow the Christmas spirit.

I just love Christmas things but funnily enough I don't love everything that happens around December. It's all so busy. {so far we've had 4 school/music events, several birthday parties and engagement parties, work parties, church parties, and the list goes on..}

Maybe my European friends have it right. A couple of them laughed at how early we do Christmas here. Then we pack it all away by the 28th. They set up the week of Christmas and continue to minimum 5th of January but usually into February they said. Maybe I just need to not worry trying to fit it all in till we are actually free to be slow.

I know the Christmas I crave is hard to find.

I just love looking at beautiful Christmas illustrations and books.

I just love beautiful decorations. I want to buy them all but really there's no point {room}

Quaint towns lit up.

They somehow don't turn out to real life.

Perfect, slow, gorgeous, amazing Christmas life.

But that is ok. I know that most of what I love about Christmas is a fa├žade.

Instead of trying to emulate it, I just have to enjoying looking at it, realising perhaps it is never to be made come alive in my immediate life.

I wonder if one could have the simplest of Christmas yet still enjoy so much the 'dream Christmas'.

Maybe I just need to create a pinterest  Christmas board filled with all my wildest alternate reality Christmas.

Maybe we all have 'visions of  sugar plums that danced in their heads'

And that can be what makes Christmas Sweet.

Even if we never get to have it.

As they say its the thought that counts.

Maybe my thoughts of Christmas count a whole lot more than I realise.

Enjoy this Christmas. Both the real one and the other visionary one.

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