Sunday, December 15, 2013

FHE Lesson {A meaningful Christmas}

Opening Song: Once within a lowly Stable #41

Opening Prayer:


What is your favourite thing about Christmas
{let children answer honestly - presents, party etc}

After the wise men had found Jesus and were heading home, Herod had asked them to come back and report to him. They felt this was not the right thing to do 'so went another way'.  They tried a new way home and avoided Herod {who wanted to kill baby Jesus}

The wise men teach us that we are all on a journey to find Christ in our life.
They also teach us 'to try another way' or try something new if we know the current way isn't good enough.

How Can our family 'try something new' this Christmas?

What's something different we can do this year?

{service, sing carols to people, do a cookie drop off, give to a homeless/womens and kids shelter, chose a family we know with a need and help them, Choose time with/service to extended family and neighbours instead of just buying them a gift, invite someone alone to spend Christmas with us, have a devotional or quiet evening to discuss the real meaning of Christmas, choose to spend time at home and slow down instead of go go, }

Plan and work out how/when you will try your 'new' tradition.

{inspired by A Christ Centred Christmas by Emily Freeman }

Explain that the first Christmas was without all the excess we have today.

It was a humble beginning of a sweet baby.
It was people listening to spiritual promptings and angels.
It was about love and service.
It was about family

We can all try and make Christmas meaningful without having to buy things.


Watch the LDS Bible Short Videos 
The Birth of Jesus Christ
The Wise Men
Shepherds learn of the birth of Christ

Share a testimony meeting about what Jesus means to you.

eg Children could say - Jesus is kind, Jesus helped others, When I pray to Jesus I....

Just as Jesus is the worlds gift from Heavenly Father, it is nice for us to give back. Write on a piece of paper your gift for Jesus this coming year. Keep it in a box under the tree. Read it out on Christmas Eve/Day. When you pack away all your Christmas things pack these away too. Next year when you unbox your things you can check how well you did during the year on your gift to Jesus.

Closing Song: Who is this Child #46

Closing Prayer:

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