Sunday, December 8, 2013

FHE Lesson {Nativity}

I'm combining a few Nativity idea's in one spot. Choose as many or few ideas as you like.

Take the wise men from the nativity set and have them 'slowly' travel to the nativity set. You could slowly move them over a short time in a game or have them get closer each day over a week till they make it to Stable.


Have the Nativity set out. Pick up and describe each figure involved.  eg:

Mary: special, chosen above all else, she quietly pondered in her heart
Joseph: Protector and guardian, trying hard to find a place to stay, man of honour - chose Mary
Angel: Shares good tidings and joy, spreads the joy, shares news of good things to come
Shepherds: Went with haste, quick to obey, hard workers (24 hour job)
Wise Men: exemplify the journey we all take to seek the Lord, they followed a spiritual symbol
Lamb: Lambs instantly recognise voice of their shepherd, lamb symbol of Jesus, prepare the way
Cows/Animals: Gave up their place to sleep for Baby Jesus

Ask everyone:
If you had been there on the night of Christ's birth who would you like to be in the story?

Enjoy everyone's reasons :)

{ inspired by A Christ Centred Christmas by Emily Freeman }


Make a manger for Baby Jesus. {Can be very small, just a tiny box or a cradle with a doll in it}
Cut lots of strips of paper depending on the size of your manger and baby.
Start by doing some good deeds/service right away
{clean something up, make a bed, write a card for someone - any quick things you can think of}
For each good deed add a piece of paper {hay} to your little manger.
Explain that each time the children do something good in the month of December they can add a little bit more comfort to the manger. When we see LOTS of  hay/paper under baby Jesus we will know that we have done so much good in the world at Christmas which will make Jesus and Heavenly Father very happy. It will also make us and those we serve very happy.

Find a toy star/ plastic star/make your own.  Hide the star around the house then have the children move the wise men to where the star is. Have the wise men take a long journey following the star all around.

Gather dress ups and act out the Nativity.
Scarves and tea towels and dressing robes make perfect props.

Here is one of my most favourite family videos - the kids acting out the nativity.
{This however took several weeks to make in short bursts}


Make Gingerbread Stables. I'll be doing it the cheats way and just using biscuits {cookies}. Fashion together a rustic lean to/stable with icing and biscuits. Make sheep out of marshmallows and get children to draw or make some figurines to go in it {alternatively put in real nativity figurines}

An example by one of my daughters :)


Anyone else have Nativity based ideas to share? Please share below!

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The Szeles Family said...

I like these bobbie ... I think we'll try the hay in baby jesus' manger - cool ideas :)

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