Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree Pinata

Each Christmas we make a new piñata.

I'm already dreaming of next years {awesome no?}

I thought of going super basic this year and wrapping a box to make a 'present piñata'
{awesome, Yes?}

But I've been thinking of doing a tree for a while now so Tree won out.

Here is how to make a Christmas Tree Pinata. This one came together fairly quick (2 hours)

Find a box (I've had a building skip next door for months - Easy to find boxes! yay!)

Draw a Tree shape. I went basic, just two levels. Trace and a make another copy.

Cut out your two Tree shapes.

Using left over cardboard cut long rectangles. Attach these to one of the trees using lots of tape.

Continue till you have attached a rectangle along all edges of the tree shape

Attach a hook. I used some wire and poked through the point of the tree.

Reinforce this area LOTS (first place to rip on a piñata is often the point of hanging/hook) with tape.

Leave a small gap untapped to push lollies/small toys into or fill now before you close it up

Attach the other tree on the top.

Cut crepe paper into strips.

Fringe the strips by making lots of cuts into the strip but do not cut all the way through when you undo it you will have a fringed streamer.

Attach the fringe to the piñata in rows starting from the bottom up.

Let Dry.


And you have a Christmas piñata to take to your awesome Christmas Party.

Here are some of our previous Christmas piñata's.

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