Sunday, January 19, 2014

FHE Lesson {A friend in Jesus}


This lesson inspired by part of a Relief Society lesson I taught this week
- idea found here via sugardoodle


Opening Prayer:


What are some steps we take when making friends? How do we love and care for our friends?

Read out/write down each heading below on how we be a good friend.
Then discuss how we can apply these steps to getting to know more about Jesus.
Is Jesus our friend too?
How can we be a better friend to Jesus?

:: Find out more about them
Why is it important to know Jesus Christ? John 17:3

:: Spend time with them
How do we spend time with Jesus? Reading the scriptures and praying.
Imagine yourself standing there in different scripture stories. How would it be?
eg Mark 10:13-16 (when Jesus asks the little children to come unto him) John 13:3-5 (Washing of Jesus Feet) 3 Nephi 17:5-7 (Jesus healing the sick and tarrying longer with the Nephites)
With young children hold up pictures of scripture stories instead of reading them.

:: Invite them into your home
How do we invite Jesus into our home?
D&C 88:63 - what are we promised when we draw near unto Jesus?

:: Do something kind for them
When we do kindness to others we are doing a kindness for Jesus as he loves everyone.
share one/the following scripture stories and chose a way that you can help others
John 4:5-14 (woman at the well), Luke 15:11-32 (Prodigal Son) Matthew 18:11-14 (The lost Sheep)

:: Introduce them to other friends
Isaiah 43:10 - Stand as a witness. Share a simple testimony with someone you think may appreciate knowing that their saviour loves them.

:: Understand their joys and sorrow
Christ has many challenges and it helps us to know him when we understand how he overcame them
Matt 4:1-11(Tempted by Satan), Matt 26:36-46 (Gethsemane) Matt 26:69-75 (Peter Denies)

:: Love them
Write in your journal or on paper to express your love and appreciation to the saviour.

Share how you are grateful for friends in your life.
Share how it is important to have friends and to be a good friend.
We have a wonderful friend in Jesus and we too should try to be a good friend to Him.

Closing Prayer:


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jon crosby said...

Thank you so much for posting these lessons. They make a really big difference for our family. I truly appreciate it!

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