Saturday, January 25, 2014


Oh January.

You are my black hole
{really starting back on December 26th see here }

I don't know why but I just can't organise myself in January.

Really its best to wait till February.

I feel like treading water - but in a good way?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not sad or depressed or worried...
{January is jokingly known as one of the most depressing  Blue Monday - see here}

it just seems like the world is on one lazy holiday

I seem to forget that shops and businesses  are open - that I could be doing stuff, making appointments, phoning people etc. I feel like everything else {the busy stuff} is missing from my life when perhaps it is just me that is missing... or I'm just missing my brain?

We are having wonderful holidays

just don't ask me to do anything

which is a problem because it was new year, and the Mr's birthday and my birthday and I need to prepare for back to school and paperwork for high school, Australia day, a back to school dinner celebration and another birthday the second week school is back {handing out birthday invites on the first day of school is awesome no?} and what of valentines and a certain 15th wedding anniversary??  Let alone making any new year resolutions {what are they?!}

However, how lovely is it to devote almost a whole month to being at home, being lazy, being with ones family? Very Lovely indeed. A blessed life. It feels so wonderful and rejuvenating.
A treasure.

Perhaps instead of a thinking I'm being sucked into a black hole its best to imagine

I'm just floating ... ebb and flow...

I'll be back soon I promise!

A promise to myself more than anything. Life is not all about holidays! {unfortunately}

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