Sunday, January 26, 2014

FHE Lesson {LOVE}

I'm not a fan of Valentines day persay but I am a big fan of hearts, love, telling my kids I love them, and teaching them to love others so I embrace the holiday for these things.
I have a few lessons on love to share in the weeks leading up to Valentines.

Opening Song:  Love One Another

Opening Prayer:

Scripture : John 13:34


Cut out a large heart and stick to floor. Have each family member stand on heart one at a time.
Have the other family members say what they love about the person on the heart.

How can we have better love at home?

Several studies tell us how its important for kids to know their family story.
Tell children how their parents met and fell in love.
Could also share grandparents love stories if you know these too.
You could also talk about how you felt when each child joined your family and you first 'met' them.

Activity Ideas:

Using a heart toy/or cut/sew one out of felt or even just a paper heart hide the heart around the house and play find the heart. Tell children love can always be found at our house.

Make a Valentines Tree:

This is an old one of ours. I used small branches from my yard spray painted red.

You can add:

Pictures of your family
Little paper hearts,decorations
Slips of paper with service ideas you have done, or they could do for eachother

Closing Song: Jesus Said Love Everyone

Closing Prayer:

Use a heart cookie cutter to cut heart shapes out of bread and butter and cover in sprinkles

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Amateur Steph said...

Thanks for the great FHE ideas! Love 'em!

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