Tuesday, February 4, 2014

15 Years Ago {Again}

When a man suggests taking a photo ?
Well you jump at it no?

Out of the blue the Mr said ' hey we should recreate the photo you put on the blog here '

..... it was a 15 year old engagement photo.

January 1999 we took a bunch of photos just before our engagement party .
Photos at the time were taken by my dad.

Dad happened to be over the other day so we even recreated it with the same photographer.

The only problem was did we have the strength to jump over the stone wall and teeter on the edge of the cliffs  anymore? {we made it - but barely!}

I even still have the same dress! I wore it for a few years then resigned it to the back of the cupboard.
It seemed too special to me to throw away.
Sadly the material has disintegrated a fair bit and the dress had lots of holes all over.
Happily I still fit the dress!! {barely} Hooray!

February is our Wedding Anniversary so a perfect timing to share embarrassing photo recreations.

It's actually kinda a hard job to recreate a photo. So they aren't perfect but good enough for a laugh.

I'm so glad to have been able to spend 15 years with this guy. In some ways I haven't known any other life, in other ways it seems but a fleeting moment and I would always beg 'but it hasn't been long enough!' if we were parted tomorrow. Sometimes I feel time is flying by and that I really should make better use of our time together. Before we know it we will be old. I don't want to regret anything or any missed moments. But I am happy that we are here 15 years later and are blessed enough to even be able to recreate those special moments. xx


April Skirving said...

That's beautiful! Isn't love just the best! I'm so glad that you have 15 years of love and growth, Here's to an eternity more!

Anonymous said...

awesome! You should totally "recreate" again in another 15 years :)

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