Thursday, February 6, 2014

Felt Hearts

I had pinned these lovely white minimalist felt hearts to make at Christmas.
As I love to make personalised ornaments every year.

But alas as usual many things have to be left to the side undone.

As I was debating some Valentines décor....

A thought came... well why not those white hearts? Double Duty in Decorating...

and only 2 months late!

With kids back at school I sat down and made these in a morning.

Been a while since I've done some craft.

So if anyone wants to create similar here is how I made them.

Twill ribbon {I got mine spotlight $1.30 m I was upset they had no thin white though!}
letter stamps
ink pad
White felt
Thin ribbon or twine

Stamp names straight onto ribbon. Set aside to dry.

Cut a paper heart out in desired dimensions {I made 2 sizes}

Use as a template to cut around felt. 2 pieces needed to make each heart.

Sew twill ribbon name onto the middle of one heart

Place two hearts together, right sides out and sew along edges. At the top of the heart insert some ribbon or twine in a loop and sew over it as you go around.

Leave a little opening and stuff with a tiny bit of stuffing. Continue around heart and close up.

Easy! And there you have a felt heart softie to use for decorating, to attach to presents, to hang above your little ones beds, to be added to a valentines tree. Mine are hanging on the mantle at the moment but may be moved to a valentines tree {If I get around to making one}

The pink and red hearts also featured were purchased from Riot Art and craft ~ 12 for $3.95

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