Monday, February 24, 2014

Put a Candle in it..

That's pretty much our motto for birthdays around here.

Everything is better with a candle

{some years I've even gotten away without having a cake... cause hey we've put a candle on a doughnut!!}

She's a smart girl cause usually the kids get choice of breakfast and often they choose doughuts or pancakes. She smartly said can I have both? And also begged for Caramel mudcake from the shops. This is what she really wanted {A $5 shop cake?? how can I deny??!!} Gee kids really are easy sometimes.

So now I officially have two kids over 10! where do the years go!

a cool 11 year old with a ukulele {her gift of choice}

 Number 11  she wore all day  - find here : Easy Birthday shirt tutorial

This girl always asks for the easy parties - she likes moving.

Pool Parties
Magic Party
Falling off a waterfall

This year she wanted skating. Very simple and easy.

Thanks to my sister who made the awesome lolly cake and mum for hosting eating before skating. 

Thanks to the 10 kids whom kept all their body parts unbroken!
{my only stress, kids breaking something skating while no other parents around!}

Another Birthday done and dusted and another one coming up next week.

Why do they have to grow up!?! wahhhh.

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A Christy Production said...

I bet you she will remember that lolly cake for the rest of her life!!! Fun birthday by the looks of it. If only as adults our birthdays were this fun? :P

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