Sunday, March 2, 2014

FHE Lesson { Heavenly Father watches over me}

Sometimes lessons come via the kids primary lessons. Last week our daughter loved her picture she drew of herself on a 'Heavenly Father watches over me' necklace and said she wanted to teach it to us for FHE. I helped by bulking out the lesson. This lesson in more detail found in Manual 2 Lesson 8

Opening Song: My Heavenly Father Loves Me #228

Opening Prayer: Child


Who is Heavenly Father?

What has Heavenly Father done for you?
(Answers might include planning for us to come to earth, giving us families, sending Jesus Christ to earth to be our Savior, answering prayers)

Share an experience when you felt that Heavenly Father was watching over and protecting you

Scripture story:

Display this picture Flight into Egypt.
Tell the story found in Matthew 2:13–15.
Why did the angel appear to Joseph? (See Matthew 2:13.)
Why did the angel tell Joseph to go to Egypt? (So King Herod would not be able to find Jesus.)
Why did King Herod want to kill baby Jesus? (He was afraid Jesus would grow up to take his place as king.)
Explain that Heavenly Father watched over and protected Jesus by warning Joseph to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt. Heavenly Father always watched over Jesus.

Bear your testimony that just as Heavenly Father loved and watched over Jesus Christ when he was on the earth, Heavenly Father also loves and watches over each of us. We are all his children.


Cut circles of  paper or card and write 'Heavenly Father Watches over me'
Have children draw themselves on the circle.
Attach string if desired and turn into necklace, or something to hang.

Closing Song: The First Article of Faith #122

Closing Prayer:


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