Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just incase you didn't know

I am good at accidentally wearing twinny dresses and making my daughter pose for photos :)

I think quite often about stopping blogging.. the new year is always a popular time too
{I sense it must be for other people too because several blogs I read all threatened the same! though luckily a few of them came back! It can be hard to give up}

This blog isn't perfect, I don't have awesome photography skills, no pretty typography skills.

We lead pretty mundane lives, so not even anything that exciting share.

The kids are growing will they appreciate an online presence that others could laugh at

It sometimes feels embarrassing to put yourself out there.
I know no one REALLY cares what I have to say/what I do. I aint saving lives here.

I've had comments from 'hate seeing your facebook posts {about blog posts} as they make me depressed',  accusatory 'oh don't you only ever do homemade?' when talking about buying shop cakes/ plastic toys, jokes about showing off 'oh in my spare time I whipped up this.....'
luckily they are fairly few and often said tongue in cheek - {hopefully!}

I mainly blog happy times {ummm yeah, not too much excitement in overtired whinging kids?} or ideas that help my family but that doesn't mean I'm trying to be perfect. Maybe the formal act of putting ideas down for all to see makes it seem contrived? Trying too hard? Showing off?

Anyone who knows me .. knows that I am farrrrrr from perfect.
But luckily probably 80% + of my life is pretty swish and it is that 80% I like to focus on.

BUT Just in case you didn't know

I have a messy house daily.
We don't eat a perfect diet and I'm not bothered.
Having a family can be tiring
I can 'yelltalk' at my kids like the best of them
I buy shop bought cakes
I make mistakes
I talk too much
I don't play enough with my kids
I feel sadness that I don't have a best friend or many close ones.
I want to be more delicate and refined but have no idea desire to change
I used to bake but have lost my mojo
I check my phone  too much
I'm lazy and shy so without my husband I would probably not have a phone, electricity, insurance, internet, banking, tax returns and all the other things he does that I recoil at doing
I feel bothered that I'm not bothered that I don't have drive/career aspirations/get up and go

I mainly write for me {but its always makes my day to hear wonderful comments from others} infact I was just re reading some old posts the other night about things I had completely forgot about. I rarely back read and it felt so good to be reminded perhaps why I am here writing this stuff down. My most favourite posts are always the least public read ones. Funny that.

I shouldn't feel too bad that people are usually googling 'ideas' - birthday party ideas, sewing tutorials, kindness/love lessons to teach kids and are not looking for words on my life, thoughts and family. For I do the exact same thing.

Just in case you didn't know

No one is perfect.

We are all trying.

And maybe tomorrow will be better.


Anonymous said...

Keepin' it real girl. I like :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always trying. You are an inspiration in many ways.

Like u said, we're all doing our best, but even the best fall down sometimes... we are all just trying.

The Szeles Family said...

I love your blog, love your ideas and often think how good you are at so many things. I feel the same about the friend situation, career situation and that I lead a boring life. But if we are happy that makes me content. You are an inspiration to so many bobbie :)

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