Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coochie {Holiday}

We rarely holiday at Easter. This year we went OVERSEAS!

Ha ha ha not really. But we did need to take a car ferry to get there!

We were so lucky to be able to rent a beach house at a very cheap price.

My kids school sports teacher kindly offered her holiday rental on Coochiemudlo Island to us.

Coochie is touted online as 'the first golden beach closest to Brisbane'

It was great to go on a quiet seaside exploring holiday within 40 mins of our house.

Easy. Too Easy. Embarrassingly close to home :)

Even though there are around 150 houses on the island it felt like we had it to ourselves.
We walked 5 km around the island and didn't see a single person.
We were all alone exploring on nearly all of our twice daily walks.

We saw curlew's and a peacock and a massive sea turtle
{sadly dead! locals say they get hit by boat propellers often}
The birds were loud and woke us a lot.
Curlews screaming at night, birds screeching at 4am, kookaburra's laughing at sunrise.

I did however find more heart rocks/coral here than I have anywhere else.
I ended up picking up about 20! Hearts were everywhere I looked.


Sunrise photos. We have a tradition to watch the sunrise once a year. {See 2013  2012  2011  2010 } Usually on Queens birthday or Anzac Day or Easter. This year I decided to get everyone up while we were on the island. Watching the sunrise as a family is sweet and touching to me. We shared a testimony. Sunrise is cleansing and reminds us all that as dark as times may be, the sun will rise.

Then we packed up the car, got on the ferry and headed back home. Except we only went home for a couple hours before we headed north to Gympie to stay with the best and loveliest hosts in the world. On one of the days we went to Rainbow beach. I had never been to Carlo's Sandblow. It was amazing! A desert in the forest above the ocean. The clouds looked so close we could touch them. Vivid blue sky and water. The kids had a blast sandboarding down the dunes.
The weather was amazing this Easter. So blue and clear and wonderful temperature. The week went so fast, but it was so nice.
It was great to get away. The outdoors keeps kids so busy they were so well behaved.
Every time we camp or spend time in nature I'm reminded of the need to do it often.
I truly believe it makes a difference.

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