Friday, April 25, 2014

Autumn Manifesto. The season of Now.

The kids on their annual egg hunt at the dam {very much anticipated}

Packed away the Easter Tree  and life has been moving in a very simple ebb and flow.

It seems like Easter was ages ago.
Funny how anticipation does that.
Once something is over, its over and done and seems an age ago.
{and makes it weird to blog about}

I read somewhere that it was the anticipation of things {buying things, holidays, experiences, birthdays etc} that  makes you more happy than the actuality {eg if you just go out and buy a lot of stuff it doesn't give the same happiness} so it is totally OK and good for you to have to 'wait' for the good stuff.

So to me it seems that it is always a good thing to have something to look forward to.

It's a bit of a quiet time, this middle of the year bit.

We don't have too much to look forward to at the moment.
And I feel kinda glad all the big things seem to be over.

Today I've been dreaming....

of cool nights quilting or teaching the kids to knit {if only I knew how?}, of soup suppers with family and friends and hot fresh bread, of drawing and painting artworks, or curling up and reading  and candlelight and fireplaces, of gathering around and making music playing instruments {if only we knew how!}of star gazing and hot chocolates, of long walks in nature, of treehouses and climbing trees and secret hiding places, of talking late into the night, of collecting little treasures,  of cloudwatching, of playing badminton in the street, of neighbours playing and chatting, and board games {ok now I'm going to far.... I don't do board games}

that's what I want my life to be.

It's up to me to organize it all I suppose.

Sadly an awesome life doesn't just happen. It actually has to be quite planned.

I hate it when I feel I am wasting my time.
and that my dear children and family and friends and grandparents wont be around forever.

So organize
that Sunday Dinner,
learn that craft,
make that home cooked food
and take that walk and

turn off the tv {and ipad and computer and iphone}

I realise now is the season for these things as most of our birthdays and major holidays {Christmas, New year, Easter} are done.

The Season of now - the weather is cool, there is time, there is space.

Now is the season for living those dreams.

and it will give us something to look forward to

Now is the season for living.

#I've edited this piece I wrote a year ago. All of it still pertains!

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