Sunday, April 6, 2014

FHE Lesson {Easter Kite Parable}

After seeing this Easter Kite idea in April 2014 Friend Magazine I was intrigued.
I had never heard of this tradition so I looked it up.

I thought it could make a great FHE and idea to do on Easter Friday together.

Opening Song: Jesus has Risen #70

Opening Prayer:


The sticks/supports of a kite look like a cross. The tradition of making a kite on Easter Friday is popular in some Caribbean Countries. The kites rising up in the air is to remind us Christ rose again from the tomb.

In some other countries (Greece and Cyprus) people fly a kite Before Easter (at beginning of lent) to symbolise sending away their sins and a time for purification.


Make a real kite to fly. Instructions here . Keep the kite ready to fly it on Easter Friday.

Make small paper kites using paddle pop sticks (or chopsticks or regular sticks) and paper.
Display in the house for a spiritual Easter Reminder/Decoration.

Or these tiny origami version maybe using toothpicks?

Or just draw or print and colour some kites

Remind Children the supports of the kite are like a Cross. Jesus died on the Cross but that was not the end. As we fly a kite/ look at a kite we can remember that Jesus Rose again on the third day. Easter need not be a sad time, it's a time of joy. Jesus was resurrected and so will we! Jesus died for us and we are so grateful. This means we can live again with him.

Closing Song: He Died that we might Live Again #65

Closing Prayer:


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