Friday, April 11, 2014

That the Blind may See

The last 5 months I have been a personal aide for a older blind lady.

She suddenly went blind only a few years ago so needs constant assistance.

Spending time with her usually involves A LOT of talking.

{Yes I'm perfectly suited to this job!}

I never been so probed in all my life.

Sometimes I don't even have an answer.

Any topic I mention ( my childhood,  past jobs, university, people I know, where I live, my faith, my parents, my husband, cooking, the kids school, service projects, friends, my children) gets closely examined and a 100 more questions come from it. You name it, I've been asked it.

So which is your favourite child
Which child is most like you
What do your parents think about this/that
Why is life unfair
Why must we get old
What happened when
Tell me about...
Do you think..

I don't think I've ever had anyone in my life ask me this many questions.

I don't think I've ever looked as deeply into things about me ever before.

It can be kinda liberating. Even a little weird.

It's taken a blind lady to show me to 'see' people.

Because she CAN'T judge by how you look or who you are, she doesn't.

And because of that she is willing to listen.

And ask lots of questions.

And care what people have to say.

And probe deep and take the time to ask questions you've probably never been asked.

There's not many times in life where we have hours to spend just asking questions.

And the blind shall see, and see she does.

And open my eyes that perhaps I can learn from this example.

To ask people - who they are.

Who they really are.

I've learnt so much the last 5 months by hanging out at the 'facility' aka nursing home. It's amazing how ones eyes are open to disabilities when you have to live it with someone {oh the obstacles out there to blind people! Oh the difficulties when you are older and can't walk far!} My advice if you can - reach out to someone who is lonely, visit a nursing home, help a person with a disability.

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