Sunday, April 27, 2014

FHE Lesson {Family- A Strong Foundation}

This lesson based on this article from the April 2014 Friend Magazine.
The family is central to Heavenly Fathers Plan

Bringing Primary Home

Opening Song: Families Can be Together Forever #188

Opening Prayer:


When you build a tower {or anything} with blocks it can fall over very easy.
If you build it without enough blocks on the bottom it will not be stable enough.

If you use more blocks on the bottom it gives a stronger foundation to your tower.
The better the foundation the better your building can stand up.

Just like buildings our families need strong foundations upon which to build.
The better our foundation the better our family will be.
Families are very important and are the building block to society.
God made families for us to live in. Good families are very important. 

How can we work to give our family a better foundation?


Organise some blocks with words stuck on them or get children to come up with words
{If you are worried about your tower not being stable, thus destroying your object lesson :)
 draw/make blocks out of paper and stick them up instead}

eg: prayer, service, love, speaking kindly, study scriptures, kind parents and grandparents {and any extended family}, respect, faith, honesty, spending time together, add any you wish.

Build a stable foundation from these blocks {words} and then  balance blocks with your individual family names written on them.

The stable foundation will keep us up and from falling.

Doing these things will protect us and help our family.


See activity per friend magazine here
Cut out paper 'blocks' containing the above words. Glue down the blocks your family is already good at doing. Choose a few blocks that your family agree need to be worked on. When you do better at this activity, glue it onto your tower of blocks. Remind children as you build your tower that we are making our family stronger!

Sing Here we are together #261

Closing Song: The Family #194

Closing Prayer:

balance some other block things like Choc Honeycomb, wrapped lollies like Zappo's, marshmallows.

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