Saturday, April 19, 2014

Night Time Egg Hunt

Now my girls are getting older egg hunts are becoming a little too easy, too boring and too quick.

I've heard of night time egg hunts for a few years now and have really wanted to do one.

Originally I wanted to do one where you put glowsticks inside the plastic egg but I thought that would be too easy - you would see the egg glowing!! der! So I went with regular use a torch hunt.

This year on the first Monday of the holidays we actually did it.

We had The Mr go ahead of us and hide eggs all around our local park.

15 mins later we joined him with basket in hand, a torch each and ready to find eggs.

It was so much fun and I'm really glad we finally got around to organising and doing it.

A little more challenging than a regular hunt and we got to play in the dark after.

The kids didn't want to leave!

 A funny story. Some local kids we know saw The Mr hiding the eggs but they didn't know it was him. They thought he was some dodgy dude hanging around the park at night waiting for a drug deal or something. They said to their grandma we see he has chocolate? Boy did the family laugh when we all turned up for an egg hunt. They had never heard of or seen such a thing. The grandma said oh the stories the boys were getting carried away with. So if you hear an urban myth about some dodgy dude hiding drugs in plastic Easter eggs and hiding them around in the dark... its totally not true :)

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