Sunday, April 20, 2014

Surprise eggs, Smash eggs, Carscerones

Ready to smash

Whatever you call them they are pretty fun.

One of the Easter things my kids ask for most is dyeing eggs.
The last few years I've combined our surprise eggs and dyeing eggs because we don't usually need that many hardboiled eggs.

If I can remember while cooking instead of cracking an egg open, I slice the top off and pour the egg out. Rinse the egg shell and keep to the side. Repeat until you have enough eggshells.

Using food colouring, water and a little vinegar dye your eggs. Let Dry.

Fill eggs with - confetti, bird seed, glitter, whatever, {this year I used wheat!}

Seal the hole up by glueing 2 layers of tissue paper over the hole.

When dry trim the tissue paper neatly.

Turn eggs over and display.

To play give everyone an egg to smash over the top of someone else.
{use your hands to smash it - don't directly hit people with the eggs!}

It's a symbol of good luck!

Have Fun! You better Run!


Next year I must make more. The kids breezed through these in no time and loved it.

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