Sunday, May 25, 2014

FHE Lesson {Plan of Salvation}

A few years ago I read an article about ensuring that you teach the plan of salvation at least once a year. We have done this many times in many ways {usually with the children drawing out what they know of the plan of salvation, or printing and colouring it, laying out all the pieces}
Here are a few other ideas.

Opening Song:  I lived in Heaven #4

Opening Prayer:


The inspiration for this lesson comes via this activity in the
January 2014 Friend Magazine

Choose a method to share the Plan of Salvation:

:: Plan of Salvation Printable or draw up your own on paper/whiteboard.

:: Attach a string from one side of the room to another. This represents your life line.
Using paperclips attach printouts of the stages of the plan of salvation in order along your string. Printout a picture of person and also cut one out of plastic for the 'spirit' of the person. Attach body and spirit together as needed during the timeline representation of the Plan of Salvation. Move your person along in their trip along the plan of salvation timeline.

:: Share this picture: found here

:: Plan of Salvation Colouring Page


After sharing an overview of the Plan of Salvation in whichever manner you choose do the activity on page 43 of the January 2014 Friend Magazine . You can print and cut that one or make a similar one of your own.

Draw a path on paper/card and cut and glue the pictures that show milestones in life.
Alternatively using masking tape, tape out your own life road and place the pictures in order.
example of pictures to print/draw or words to write are premortal life, birth, baptism, gift of holy ghost, follow the commandments, temple, follow Christ, my future family, resurrection, live with Heavenly Father again.

Little children may also like to drive some toy cars up and down this road of life/ road of the plan of salvation. The plan of salvation is like a road map to life.

Explain Heavenly Father has a plan for our lives. It is also known as the plan of happiness. We know where we came from, we know why we are here and we know where we are going. This plan is wonderful and is like a guide for us in this life. We were spirits before, we came to earth to receive a body and after judgement in the next life our spirit and body will be reunited and we will live with our families and Heavenly Father again.

Closing Song: I will follow God's Plan for me #164

Closing Prayer:


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