Sunday, May 11, 2014

FHE Lesson {Ten Commandments}

Since we are studying the Old Testament this year, trying to keep up with adding lessons from there.

Opening Song:  Keep the Commandments #146

Opening Prayer: Child

Scripture: Exodus 20:3-17


The Ten Commandments were given to Moses for the people of Israel to live by.
The commandments are still important for us to live by today.
Jesus said people should live the commandments through the prophet Moses.
The Prophet today - President Monson wants us to do the same today.
The Ten Commandments tell us that we should:
Worship God only
No taking Lord's name in vain
Keep the Sabbath day holy (maybe list how to do this)
Honor thy mother and father
Shalt not kill
Shalt not steal
Shalt not lie
Shalt not commit adultery
Shalt not covet

We need to try hard to keep God's commandments. They are important to live to be a good person.

Activity suggestions:

Make a "mountain" to act out the story of Moses receiving the commandments

Make a poster in tablet shape and get kids to write on the commandments

Play Simon Says
Mark out roads with masking tape and make little road signs. Have children "follow the laws/rules"
{Explain how these object lessons are similar to following God's laws}

Closing Song:  Choose the Right Way #160

Closing Prayer: Child

Treat Ideas:

Flat bread and/or food from Biblical times
Make Commandment tablets by using frosting/edible pens (black colour) to write on biscuits

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