Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mothers Day Duality

The tale of my two Mothers Day happening simultaneously.

Reality one:

How can it be Mothers Day when woken up at 6am 
Children begging you to eat breakfast in bed even when it is the worst thing in the world
Forced to eat a cold breakfast that's been repeatedly touched
Copious amounts of handmade cards and presents which you are required to love and admire when perhaps you think they should be destined for the bin.
The 5 Ferrero rocher flowers you were given at church were eaten by said kids
Chocolates are a must give present only because the children know that they will get some
Begging children to get themselves ready for church, clean up around the place, go to bed early, ----- insert any preferred behaviour ----- as gift to you.

The holiday itself makes you depressed because it is far from the serene, kind, full of willing helpers to do your work while you laze the day away dreaming of just how perfect motherhood is.
When the best mothers day would be one where you are no where near your children.
We do that mothering thing 365 days a year... how about a No Mothering Day...

Reality two:

Little ones climbing into bed early with squeals over making you breakfast in bed
Happy breakfast laid table sitting around it together 
Beautiful handmade cards with heart melting sentiments with ' If I could wish for just one present it would be you' 'You are the best mum in the world' 'My mum is special because she makes me my favourite chocolate and strawberry cake' (this made me laugh because 1- I didnt know they had a favourite cake and 2- I don't think I've ever cooked said cake ever) 
Presents from the heart, funny things they think you've always wanted, some surprising insightful.
Handwritten signs welcoming those into our house on mothers day.
Tears shed at church from wonderful talks about motherhood
Afternoon tea shared with family.
Lots of kisses and cuddles

A child composes their own song for you and your heart melts.

Just perhaps each Mothers Day is really a little combination of both.
Both are true depending on how you look at things.
Some Mothers Days are hard, some easy and blissful.
An emotional rollercoaster - Just like motherhood really!

I will accept that in life's most simple moments there may always be an aspect of duality.

It all depends which side we choose.

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