Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

I feel lucky that most years I manage to squeeze in a little mothers day photo shoot.

Lucky we go to church and are usually dressed nice.

Very helpful indeed. Very helpful.

My most treasured Mothers Day Tradition.


and because kids love a silly one :)

Today my eldest gave her first talk in Sacrament and it was great. She did such a good job despite being a little nervous. Her topic was what my mother taught me. At first we laughed because she seemed a little stalled in writing it. I fear it was because she couldn't really think of anything that I have taught her {it's always a little hit to ones ego when kids can't come up with the goods about their parents. But I have to think that it's because their life is just so awesome they just don't realise all that we do, have done, and do teach them. With a  lot bit of prodding though she served it up!}

With some jiggly children and trying not to lose our patience my heart was touched when as daddy's hand reached out to still her she reached out and put her tiny hand in his to measure it up beside it. Playing with his hands and then on to mine made me realise just how tiny they are and that sadly they are only tiny for such a fleeting time. As my last one, the only tiny one left I almost shed a tear over how bittersweet it was to see her tiny hand playing these sweet games in ours.

When I had suggestions for presents earlier in the week it was met with
'It doesn't really matter what YOU want mum. We have plans' which made me laugh.
Then today with a child snuggled up really close in church she says
" I love the smell of your sweat mum' {HA!}
I'll take that she meant my personal smell and not the smell of my sweat! As she often comments she loves my smell. That comment actually made me smile as I've read of sweet comments where people say they know exactly how their mother/grandmother smells and I always thought it would be so sweet to be remembered by scent. My grandma was a good cook and caterer and I always think of her when I smell butter and caramelising onions. That a smell can evoke memories is a true blessing.

For remembrances sake I was a lucky girl and gifted:
 mixing bowls, two blue towels, moisturising cream for a massage from the kids, lindt white chocolates, nail polish remover. Smelly sachet, candle and notebook from school mothers day stall.

And a personalised poem from our resident poet:

My Mother

My mother is everywhere
She makes me smile, braids my hair.
My mother is special and unique
She deserves a little sleep.
Mother you mean well,
You are my gentle shell.

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The Szeles Family said...

You are a beautiful mother, that poem says it all...

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