Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Before Baptism Photoshoot

I think it started because I was pregnant when my first child got baptised and I just knew in the busyness of the day that I would never get all the photos of her that I wanted. Things to organise, friends and family to spend time with, food to do, multiple children to dress and look after etc.


Then my mum apologised that there was no photo of me in my baptism dress. She too was so busy beforehand and after your dress is a soggy wet mess, she never got a photo of me in my pretty white dress.

So 5 years  and 3 children ago we started a little family tradition of the....

Before Baptism Photoshoot.

Miss K

Miss A

It also gives us some  pictures to use for invitations.

We've also inadvertently started another tradition. Because wonderful grandma was busily sewing away at dresses and they weren't available yet we've used the same dress for all photoshoots. Even though each girl has their very own, pattern/style chosen by them, sewn by grandma dress. Miss K's dress has been used by everyone for the before photos and to wear after the baptism when their dress is all wet, but they still want to keep wearing white afterwards.

One mention of this photoshoot and the girls are so excited.
It's almost treated with the same reverence as the actual day. {which makes me happy}

Miss G was so happy to have her photoshoot last week. She was a very willing model.
Another rite of passage. Family Tradition.

She is looking forward to her baptism day.


Over time I've discovered that I really like need to break things down into bite size to feel accomplished, not rushed, feel I do things justice. It seems I do this with Birthdays, Parties, Christmas, Easter etc. Instead of keeping stress things to one/two days I drag them out over weeks.

I really don't celebrate Christmas for 3 months (Pleennntttty of normal living, lots of other things going on) but I really do need to divide up all things I want to do and assign them timelines so I don't feel overwhelmed. This little baptism tradition seems to be another example of that need for order.
But hey just call me crazy or whatever.....

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