Sunday, June 22, 2014

FHE Lesson {Moses}

Since we are studying Old Testament this year in class, sharing some stories here for FHE

Opening Song:

Opening Prayer:


Share the story of Moses:

Joseph and the king of Egypt died. Many years went by. The Israelites lived in Egypt a long time. They had many children. One king of Egypt did not like the Israelites. He thought there were too many of them. He was afraid they would take his land away from him. The king made the Israelites slaves. The Egyptians made them work hard and were mean to them.The king said all the Israelite baby boys must be killed. He sent people to kill them.One Israelite mother was afraid they would find her baby boy. She hid him for three months. Then the mother put her baby in a basket. She put the basket in the tall grass by the river. The baby’s sister, Miriam, stood by to watch the baby. The king of Egypt had a daughter. She went to the river. She saw the basket and opened it. The baby began to cry. The king’s daughter was sorry for the baby. She wanted to take him to her home. She needed someone to take care of the baby. She wanted to be his mother. Miriam went to the king’s daughter. Miriam said she would find an Israelite woman to take care of the baby. She ran and got her mother. Her mother came to take care of the baby. They took the baby to the king’s house. The king’s daughter named him Moses. Moses grew up in the king’s house.

The Lord saved Moses because he knew he had a special work to do.
He was to become the Prophet of the Israelites and save them.

Lds Bible Video - The Baby Moses
Bible Video - The Prophet Moses

Print and Play:
Scripture Figures - June 2014 Friend Magazine
Folding Paper Craft - Moses parts the Red Sea

Find Baby Moses Maze 
{I dual screen our TV and computer and place mazes and activities on our big screen tv and the kids do the maze standing up with finger in the air in front of the tv}

Baby Moses Action Song:

This is Baby Moses.
(Cradle arms as if holding a baby.)
Here’s his basket-boat.
(Cup hands into boatlike shape.)
His mother tucked him deep inside,
(Pull both fists up to cheeks as if pulling up a blanket.)
Then let the basket float.
(Make boat out of hands again, add rocking motion.)
Pharaoh’s daughter found him
(Spread fingers wide near eyes to indicate surprise.)
And raised him as her own;
(Pretend to pick up baby and hold him close.)
Then Moses chose to serve the Lord
(Fold arms as for prayer.)
And earned a heavenly throne.
(Look up and gesture heavenward.)
January 1997 Friend Magazine


Have children wrap up a doll to be baby moses. Place him in a basket {or box}and pretend to have him float down the river or hide him and have children find him as did pharaohs daughter.

Make a craft baby moses in a basket - easy paper basket and paper doll

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer:


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