Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Telling Time by the Seasons {first fire of the year}

On Sunday while out for a walk Miss G starts collecting sticks and announces
'It is time for the first fire.'

I reply and say 
'Did you know today is the first day of winter?
Perfect time for a first fire of the year!'

Alas the fire didn't happen Sunday night.
With utmost importance we had to make sure it happened Monday night with marshmallows.

The first fire of the 2014 winter season.

The longer I blog and the more I blog the same things (!!) 2009  2010  2012   2013

I see time/traditions/seasons as a marker.

The cycle of years and seasons are interesting. Why do we have them? We see the same things each year, but each year is a little different. The cyclic nature shows us time passing, but that we still have time to make things a little different, a little better each year. Each year we can build on the last. We can know what to expect, we can be prepared, we can be great! Don't let time pass you by. You have the perfect opportunity for a repeat. Nature provides the comfort in knowing what's around the corner. There must be a reason for this. Embracing the thought of seasons for a reason!

Time is moving.
We are aging.
Children are growing.
Each year the seasons provide us a little comfort.
A little something to lean on.

A way to mark the passage of time.


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